Handler & K9 Teams

Leah Snyder

Leah and K9 Axl


Judy and K9 Ziva


Phil & K9 Eva

Megan & K9 Dundy

Jeremy  and K9 Gunner (Fallen)

Candace and K9 Raven & K9 Rebel


Miranda and K9 Guin

Kirstie and K9 Izzy (Fallen)

Scott & Evie and K9 Lucky

Bree & Duke and K9 Beau

Briana and K9 Rebel

Cathy McKinley

Cathy and K9 Talan

Rob Morgan

Rob and K9 Layla (Fallen)

Lindsey Elderbrook

Lindsey & K9 Molly

Chris Moore

Chris & K9 Oliver

Carter Pell

Carter and K9 Luna

Jordan Gray

Jordan and K9 Emma

Nannette and K9 Paisley

Susan and K9 Avery

Dwane and K9 Denali

Pauletta and K9 Gemma

Dave and K9 Jada